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Stereo, Home-Theatre, Wireless HiFi Systems & Custom Install

These four dimensions of audio resonate in high fidelity throughout the Cabasse product range thanks to a knowledge and passion rooted in music and innovation.

Founded by Georges Cabasse, heir of five generations of stringed instruments craftsmen and with a unique memory for sounds, Cabasse has, since 1950, one obsession: the authentic reproduction of music to bring you the true emotion of a concert in your home.

The Cabasse team’s multiple skills and spirit of innovation allow them to develop innovative acoustic and electronic technologies which benefit all their models, from the world reference La Sphere to the petite Stream 1.

Traditional, design, custom install, or connected, choose your solution.

Let your music be your guide. Welcome to the Cabasse Universe.

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Cabasse Swell - Portable High-Fidelity Bluetooth® Speaker

Elegant, Stylish & High-Fidelity...

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