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CentraLite LiteJet LJ24 System Package

LiteJet LJ24 - 24 Load/Circuit Lighting Control System Package
Manufacturer: CentraLite


The LiteJet LJ24 is a cost effective and flexible lighting control system specifically designed for small to medium size apartments or homes.

The LJ24 system is housed all in one enclosure (H:1120mm x W:370mm x D:100mm) unlike it's smaller counterparts the 'Lite' series. With the LiteJet LJ24, one enclosure houses all 24 low leakage leading edge dimming modules, whilst at the bottom 3rd of the enclosure (seperated with an internal divider) houses the control microprocessor (MCP) with in-built switch input assembly and the power supply.

The 'High Voltage' part of the enclosure houses the relay's for your loads/circuits, this has 6 x 4 way dimming modules that are linked to the MCP in the 'Low Voltage' 3rd of the enclosure via 3 premade inter-connects. The enclosure is a modified 'SLRP' which is the same style enclosure and same style of modules used in the Elegance dimming panels, meaning that wiring is simple and easy, plus the modules have 3 way LED status indicators to identify active loads and breaker feeds for realtime diagnostics and extra saftey.

The LiteJet LJ24 MCP has 2 RS232 ports used for programming and 3rd party integration, whilst it also combines the control processing with 16 x surface mount RJ45's for termination of all switches into the system on one simple board.The MCP also features two 'expansion' ports, which can cater for the additon of LiteJet Low Voltage Relay Boards or High Voltage Relay Boards (for loads like - garage doors, gates, projector lifts or certain types of low energy light fittings as well). The MCP offers multiple dimming levels for each load/circuit and soft on/off rates, in addition to it's 33 scenes (24 fully customisable), an astronomical clock and up to 12 programmable timed events. Programming is simply done with the included software which also features installer friendly button capture and real time system diagnostics.

The LiteJet LJ24 system package like all the MRC UK packages also include switches as well. With a LiteJet LJ24 you get 15 UK DFP (Designer Flat Plate) switches. These are an 'entitlement', so they can be in any combination of 2, 4 or 6 button styles and in either polished or brushed steel finishes. When you place the order with us - let us know which types and styles you require for your project and these will be added to your system package. Additonal switches can be added as the LiteJet LJ24 will support up to 96 button inputs (for instance 16 x 6 Button DFP switches).

The LiteJet LJ24 is compatible with 99% of control systems out there such as Compass Control from Key Digital, or Control4 for instance with Extra Vegetables modules available. If your chosen control system does not have a module already written, don't panic - the RS232 protocols are available and are easily encompassed within any project.

The system has a complete 5 year limited warranty and is supplied with the programming software on purchase. Training berfore purchase is mandatory.

CentraLite LiteJet LJ24 Features, Benefits & Specifications:

24 Load dimmable control system for smaller applications
Contained within one metal enclosures or ‘SLRP’ (Slim Line Relay Panel)
Compatible with various lighting fixtures*
33 scenes for combination of moods or events
Astronomical Clock
12 programmable timed events (absolute/relative)
Control of other loads for projector screens, blinds etc.
2 x RS 232 ports for programming and third party control
Optional RF remote control kit
Real time diagnostics via free programming software
Expandable to up to 96 Buttons (96 independent inputs)
Compatible with LiteJet Fan Speed Controller
Compatible with LiteJet Low Voltage Relay Board
Compatible with LiteJet High Voltage Relay Board
UK Kit Includes 15 DFP (Designer Flat Plate) keypads
Choice of 2,4 or 6 button DFPs as per requirement
DFPs available in polished chrome or brushed steel finish
Third party software available for most control platforms
Enclosure dimensions H1120mm x W370mm x D100mm
Shipping weight (excluding keypads) approx. 10kg
CE Conformity
5 year Manufacturer’s warranty

CentraLite LiteJet LJ24 Resources & Downloads:

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