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In this age of network-connected technology, we rely on our devices to work 24 hours per day.

When things are working well, life is awesome. But what happens when something stops working reliably?

The reality is, even the finest electronic devices can crash and need updating from time to time to get new features and stay secure.

So what is Krika?

Krika is a custom installer oriented service embedded in a smart standalone box installed in all end users’ locations.

What Krika can do for AV professionals?

* Supervision: Automatically send email or text (SMS) notification if a deemed important devices disappears from the network
* Hypervision: Automatically send email or text (SMS) notification if a deemed important status in a devices need attention
* Help to understand the behavior of connected devices and the ISP out coming connection with the Network DVR
* Remotely reboot or Wake-On-Lan a large variety of device.

Krika helps you find and solve possible network related issues...before your client picks up the phone.

Meet the Krika range, your connected devices tracker, and new best friend.

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Krika One - Mini PC & Autonomous Network Device Tracker

Mini PC & Autonomous Network Device...

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Krika Mini - Autonomous Network Device Tracker

Autonomous Network Device Tracker

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