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DemoPad CentroControl - Control / Automation System App for iOS Devices

DemoPad Home Automation / Control System App for iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch)

DemoPad's CentroControl is a powerful home automation & control app which enables communication with various IP enabled devices. You can use the DemoDesigner PC software to configure user interface screens & set up commands to be sent to external equipment.

Of course the CentroControl App won't just work without some extra effort. The CentroControl App can of course be used in synchronicity with DemoPad's host of custom control hardware and software, to create bespoke, intuitive and comprehensive home automation system controls for any custom installation project.

Essentially when correctly deployed with the right hardware, you can control pretty much any device via IP, RS232/Serial or Infra-Red etc. The CentroControl App can enable a host of options for any project (big or small). The only limitation eventually is your imagination when it comes to designing your control system screens.

If your devices aren't already in place with the right products, or you are not just solely controlling devices without hardware via IP alone, your hardware options include: DemoPad Centro-8, DemoPad Centro-8M, DemoPad Centro-C and the DemoPad Centro-CM.

With the right guidance and software available to custom installation professionals, you can use your own graphics files, or one of the sets provided free with the software to create a fully customisable user interface. It is also possible to create a custom menu structure for commands using Apple Watch.

This app is free if using a single generic 3rd party IP device, and/or if your system includes a DemoPad Centro hardware device. Otherwise an In App Purchase is required to unlock the app for use with any 3rd party devices.

With DemoPad, your user experience can be completely customised to look and operate exactly as you want it to. You can use any graphics you wish, including those available from DemoPad, 3rd party graphics companies, or any standard graphic file you wish.

DemoPad CentroControl: Home Automation / Control System App - Features & Specifications: 

Now you can create an iPad / iPad Mini Universal Remote Control for your home theatre and much, much more!
Extensive support resources & software video tutorials available here
Online database of over 100,000 control codes
No limit to the number of zones / devices / pages
Sliders and Gesture swipe actions supported
Designer software is not cloud based - does not require an internet connection to work
Conditional logic with time of day, day of week based actions
Use any graphics files / layout you wish
Communicate with any IP device on your network, with customisable 2-way feedback engine
No device license charges - any app charge is per iTunes account

DemoPad CentroControl: Home Automation / Control System App - Downloads & Resources:

DemoPad CentroControl App for iOS Devices