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UK Style Wall Plates & Inserts

Leviton offers a broad selection of at-the-wall connection options designed specifically for the UK residential market. Selections include the colours and styles you need for virtually any application and also a selection that  incorporate QuickPort® wallplates and carriers, for the best in quick installation.

These outlets enable your connectivity to come alive. QuickPort carriers and plates enable a multitude of disciplines to be broken out into a room. Moreover; because the Leviton approach is designed to make the most out of  any outlet, their unique design enables you to get the most out of 'limited real-estate'. Single gang locations can allow for up to four separate connections with a Leviton designed QuickPort wallplate - making them ideal for today's smart TV's that may require a network port, LNB connections, TV/RF connections or HD inter-connectivity.

Also - because the QuickPort technology is standardised their is virtually no limit to what you can have available on the wall. Leviton’s cost-effective custom line of QuickPort wallplates is a modular system that provides outstanding signal quality and performance, that help deliver the high quality signals expected from today’s latest technology.