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US Style Wall Plates & Inserts

Leviton offers a vast array of US style wallplates and 'carriers' for almost any application to ensure the best finishes and adaptability on any project.

Commonly the US standardised format is referred to as 'Decora', and this standardised plate format and aperture plays host to a multitude of applications across both the commercial and residential market sectors. Leviton, although they manufacture their own particular types such as the Cheetah System or the Multi-Media Outlet System (MOS), also primarily manufacture plates, housings and carriers around this popular format.

So whether you need a plate for a US home automation system, lighting control system or HD system for instance - Leviton with a vast inventory of finishes and sizes will 99.9% have a compatible plate for it. Additionally, if you have a more commercial product from the US - again you'll probably find that Leviton have a suitable finish of plate to encompass that particular module or component.

Additionally, because they are extremely diligent when it comes to providing inter-connectivity they also have a superb range of QuickPort plates and carriers geared toward the flexible Decora format. QuickPort decora carriers and plates enable a multitude of disciplines to be broken out into a room, and with the US from factor that allows vast levels of connectivity (you can get up to 24 individual connections at a 4 gang US Decora outlet plate).

So if you need to complete projects that utilise a standardised US format, or are simply after wallplates and a level of interconnectivity that offer more - then look no further than Leviton's vast range.