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CentraLite systems are  based in Mobile, Alabama. Founded in 1997 by Jim Busby, who previously founded Quality Micro Systems (QMS - who were bought by Konica Minolta). Another leading light in the company is Jim's son Jimmy, who was the driving force behind the new venture. Jimmy has numerous qualifications, but like his Dad he’s an engineer of some standing, and both are driven by the desire to build innovative, reliable and value driven products.

They manufacture and design Lighting control hardware, Lighting control software, Lighting control switches & Energy management solutions. Although they have a growing portfolio of energy saving systems especially suited for the US market, they also have two very flexible hard wired lighting control systems - LiteJet & Elegance.

These two CentraLite lighting control systems offer the scalability and the control of many of the industry’s largest and most expensive brands, but at a fraction of the cost. They will easily control blinds, gates and switch motors, lifts and much more.

CentraLite provide innovative energy saving lighting control systems that offer the ability to save energy and offer excellent performance and reliability at a reasonable price, living up to one of their mantras - Simple, Reliable & Affordable.

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