Yamaha are one of the world’s best known companies, based in Hamamatsu, Japan.

The roots of the Yamaha corporation can be traced back to 1887 to Torakusu Yamaha - an eminent watch maker and musical instrument repairer. Yamaha’s grounding in precision engineering has influenced their products in every arena today. This can be clearly seen from musical instruments, motorcycles, engines and electronics, and as a result of this - Yamaha equipment has obtained a reputation for excellence and innovation.

Yamaha’s home entertainment electronics form an important part of Connected Distribution's portfolio, with a range designed for with the custom installation market in mind.  Yamaha's AV products are full of features that make them the perfect choice for the CI professional; AV receivers with IP control, remote zones, UPnP connectivity, multiple HDMI outputs, assignable 12v triggers, and a selection of 3D ready Blu-Ray players.

Most of all remember Yamaha have ultra reliable and cutting edge technologies peppered all through their product history. So consider Yamaha a default choice for a host of installation possibilities from stereo audio, high end home cinema, simple compact surround sound entertainment systems or even just for a  small high quality micro hifi...Yamaha can do!

In short, Yamaha AV electronics offer solutions to the custom installation sector and home entertainment market that are very hard to imitate and above all - find elsewhere.

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