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CD2020 Pulse-Eight neo:X / Kordz R.3 Series HDMI Cable Pack

Connected Distribution Kordz R.3 Series HDMI Cable Pack for Pulse-Eight neo:X Matrix Kit

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If you missed the oppurtunity to buy our pre-bundled neo:X kit with Kordz R.3 series HDMI cables, you can simply buy the 'upgrade pack' now!

The perfect upgrade package to your Pulse-Eight The neo:X matrix kit purchase is to add in a great set of cables for your installation.

As such, we have added a selection of high quality Kordz R.3 Series HDMI cables to partner this kit.The Kordz R.3 Series HDMI cables are engineered and constructed to ensure installation success and longevity. They deliver a balance of economy and dependable performance without compromising the most critical elements common to all Kordz HDMI cables; the retention of digital signal integrity.

Not only do the R.3 cables support the higher bandwidth required for sources routed through the neo:X matrix, but they also feature increased magnetic shielding to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) which often occurs in rack environments.

Included in this package are the following R.3 HDMI cables.

The R.3 Series cables will enable you to install the best quality cables at the head end and 'end-point's to give your customers the reliable and trouble free HD experience you will want to deliver time and time again. All Kordz R.3 Series HDMI cables are certified to handle 18 Gbps up to 5.4m's - so can be assured to deliver the highest resolutions where required.

Kordz - R.3 Full 4K (18 Gbps) High Speed HDMI Cable - Key Features:
  • Engineered and built to deliver maximum commercial up-time
  • 0.3 - 3.0m lengths in 0.3m increments for precision rack fit
  • 3.6 - 5.4m lengths in 0.6m increments
  • High bandwidth solid OFC conductors
  • Induction soldered pin transitions for benchmark inter-terminal uniformity
  • Anti-fatigue Die-cast Zn alloy connectors tested to ≥1,000 cycles & 2kg retention force
  • 100% of units tested for zero Bit Error Rate (BER) @ 340Mcsc, <0.05% in-field failure rate
  • Halogen-free construction
  • THX® Certified 4K Interconnect
  • DPL Certified 4K 18G-DC
  • Lifetime warranty
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