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Heed Audio Thesis Alpha - Digital & Analogue Pre-Amplifier

Premium Analogue & Digital Pre-Amplifier with DAC 2.3 Card & USB 2.0 Inputs

The Thesis α (alpha) preamplifier sports two analogue and four digital inputs including S/PDIF, TOSLINK, BNC and USB. All inputs, as well as volume setting with muting function are remote-controllable via an RC handset. A twin RC-coupled output stage caters for driving long cables and connecting even two sets of power amplifiers to drive speakers in bi-amp configuration. The analogue section of the thesis α (alpha) can be fed by the Thesis π (pi) twin power supply  which can also supply the φ (phi) phono stage with power simultaneously.

The analogue circuit of the Thesis α is a new design from scratch, while the digital section is based around Heed's high resolution and 'user selectable' DAC 2.3 and USB 2.0 modules (by using card slots both modules are upgradeable in the future) is an enhancement of our exceptional Obelisk DA digital-to-analogue converter – "one of the finest USB DACs I have had the pleasure to audition, probably at any price”, attested the renowned journalist Malcolm Steward in Hifi-Choice and Top Audio Gear. And this world-class performance is surpassed by the Thesis α!

The Thesis α (alpha) as alluded to above can be fed into a combination of Heed Thesis amplifiers. To maintain the purest of performance the Thesis α (alpha) can be fed into two premium monobloc amplifiers - the first is the Thesis ω (omega) monobloc power amplifier. This is an RC-coupled device in true Heed fashion that drives loudspeakers in a similar way to valve power amplifiers, but without their inherent problems related to the vacuum tube. The second option is the new and sublime Thesis γ (gamma) stereo power amplifier. This athletic new member of the Heed family supplies tremendous energy for two channels of music, without the slightest feeling of necessity.

For vinyl lovers the φ (phi) phono stage can be seamlessly blended for a truly sublime analogue experience - which despite the Thesis alpha's huge credentials in the digital realm (with outstanding digital to analogue conversion) is where the combination ultimately signs. The natural and deep sound-stage engaged by the Thesis α (alpha) when combined with its phono stage partner is one that most vinyl devotees will find hard to resist, for rhythm, dynamics and depth. 

The Thesis α (alpha) preamplifier has been lovingly crafted internally by the craftsman at Heed as one can see from the features above, but it is immaculate in conception in the flesh too. The casing is finished to the highest standard with the smoothest of black powder coated finishes and discrete wrapped sides. The extruded aluminium fascia fits onto the casing supremely and the source selection and volume controls are twinned to the fascia with a luxurious weighted feel. The front panel has black lit white indicators for an almost 'retro-futuristic' feel, akin to classics of the past and even an ornate art deco piece. The Thesis α (alpha) also has remote control source and input selection and attentuation for volume control too.

The rear of the unit as outlined above has a plethora of interconnectivity, but these connections are balanced appropriately in a measured fashion. Clearly defined and partitioned in black and white like the salient points of the most measured and well reasoned arguments.  The Thesis α (alpha) is a truly sublime proposition in body and spirit. It is a thing laid down for the purest and most faithful reasons - musical pleasure.

Available in a black casing with aluminium fascia (and controls).

Heed Audio Thesis Alpha: Pre-Amplifier with DAC - Features & Benefits:

2 analogue, 4 digital inputs (including USB 2.0)
Upgradeable analogue power supply (see Thesis Pi)
Upgradeable DAC and USB section (Future)
Fully remote controllable
High quality casing and fascia
Remote control with input switching

Heed Audio Thesis Alpha: Pre-Amplifier with DAC - Specifications:

Inputs: 2x analogue / 1x S/PDIF RCA / 1x S/PDIF BNC / 1x USB / 1x TOSLINK
Outputs: 2x preamplifier output / 1x tape out
Supported upgrade cards: DAC 2.3 / USB 2.0
Power supply options: Internal / Thesis Pi
Max. consumption: 60 W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 8.5 x 36 cm

Heed Audio Thesis Alpha: Pre-Amplifier with DAC - Resources & Downloads:

Heed Audio Thesis Alpha Owners Manual

Heed Audio Thesis Connection Sheet