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Cabasse Eole3 - 5.1.2 - Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X™ System

Complete Cabasse Eole3 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X™ Speaker & Subwoofer System Package

Connected Distribution have created a series of special 5.1.2 packages that will glean the very best performance from the exciting new 'object based audio' formats such as Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X™.

This excellent package is formulated with Cabasse's outstanding and highly acclaimed Cabasse EOLE 3 speakers & Santorin 21 subwoofer.

The Cabasse Pack EOLE 3 5.1 is Europe's best selling 5.1 system - and is a great system for modest to medium sized rooms that only require the best most absorbing and engaging surround sound. The system is completed for the 'elevation' aspect of a 5.1.2 system with the flexible Eole 3 in-ceiling satellites - meaning that the entire package is timbre matched and voiced to perfection.The Cabasse EOLE 3 wall mounted and in-ceiling satellites are perfect for many respects in this role, as they give a very wide open dispersion (virtually no standing waves thanks to the clever design), and their natural characteristic is to give detailed, wide and open playback - so they really fill a room with dynamism and 'acoustic verve'.

The addition of the Cabasse EOLE 3 in-ceiling speakers as the 'elevation' option also enables a degree of placement flexibility as well - as the speakers can be rotated to angle the complete angle of the 'throw' into the desired listening area. This simple and easily adaptable feature means that they give you great options during and also after installation. Plus, this system is a complete fantastic 5.1.2 system is one that exudes both sonic quality and design flair.

With a new design for improved aesthetic and acoustical integration, Cabasse's EOLE 3 system features all the acoustical qualities of any Cabasse system: efficiency, power handling, transparency and stability of the sound stage. Consisting of five new spherical satellites only 13 cm in diameter that swivel in every direction thanks to a magnetic base and a very compact sub-woofer, Cabasse took advantage of many aspects of the research investments made in developing La Sphère, the Cabasse 4-way coaxial reference speaker.

The system comes complete with wall or surface mounted front stage left, centre and right satellites. These wonderful 2 way speakers give you all the definition you need for the mid to high frequencies in your HD audio experience, whilst these attractive and solidly built Cabasse EOLE 3's adorn the surround channels of the cinema experience.

All the Cabasse EOLE 3's are finished in a beautifully solid metal glossy enclosure (white) to stylishly blend into any room, for the best effect. The lower end is governed by the included equally delightful Santorin 21M2 200 watt sub-woofer, which is paired dynamically to the Cabasse EOLE 3's to perfectly balance their higher end grace with natural low end weight and poise. The Santorin 21M2 is luxuriously finished in high gloss white meaning that it won't be out of place aesthetically in the majority of situations - and will enhance the complete system in addition.

Cabasse EOLE 3 system (inclusive of in-ceiling satellites) in white finish (if black free standing elements are required - please specify on order).

Complete Package SRP £1628.00 inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

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