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Atlantic Technology IW-110-LCR, IW-28-SUB & IC-6-OBA - 5.1.2 Home Cinema Package

Complete Atlantic Technology 5.1.2 'Object Based Audio' Speaker & Subwoofer System Package

Connected Distribution have created a dedicated special 5.1.2 Atlantic Technology IW-110-LCR, IW-105, IW-28-SUB (with SA-200 Amp) & IC-6-OBA speaker & subwoofer package that will glean the very best performance from the exciting new 'object based audio' formats such as Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X™.

This excellent package is formulated with Atlantic Technology's outstanding (but cost effective) IW-110-LCR In-Wall Speakers (x3), IW-105-LCR (x2), IC-6-OBA in-ceiling speakers (x2) and the punchy SA-200 & IW-28-SUB in-wall subwoofer/amp combo. It is the perfect higher end solution for medium sized dedicated 'object based audio' cinema rooms where the performance requirement is big.

This system is perfect for discrete but dynamic custom installation cinema's - and the ideal option to pair with Yamaha AV Receivers such as the 5.1.2 compatible RX-A880 or RX-A1080 for instance.

The core elements of this system are geared around the 3 x Atlantic Technology IW-110-LCR in-wall speakers. Atlantic’s IW-110LCR is the ideal in-wall speaker for those situations where no-compromise sound is an absolute must, but the speakers are to be hidden from view. These are real high-fidelity speakers in the best tradition of Atlantic’s nearly three decades of designing and producing critically-acclaimed, award-winning loudspeakers. They utilize 6½-inch mineral damped polymer woofers for solid bass response and clear, articulate midrange and vocal reproduction. At 3200Hz, the woofers cross over to a 1-inch dome tweeter mounted in a shallow waveguide aperture, which shapes the speakers’ radiation pattern for optimal wide-angle coverage of the listening area.

The 110-LCR uses two woofers in an M-T-M configuration (ideal for both portrait or landscape usage) for extended bass response, and higher power-handling/higher output capability, perfect for larger rooms. With a stylish trim bezel design and magnetically attached grille, it is a perfect in-wall solution to any home cinema room. Because of their wide-range, linear frequency response and robust construction, the IW-110LCR performs equally well in a variety of roles: as the LCR front channels of a home cinema systemA 3-position High Frequency switch located on the front baffle lets the user tailor the speaker’s sound to the room’s acoustics or to adjust the HF balance for personal taste. For the perfect finishing touch, it incorporates a precision tweeter wave-guide, which optimizes the tweeter’s dispersion and provides perfect coverage of the listening area.

For the side channels this package features the discrete smaller partners of the 110-LCR's - the IW105's. These diminutive in-walls are built again using the same materials and cross-overs, ensuring perfect voicing and timbre matching to the front LCR's. The Atlantic Technology IW-105-LCR incorporates a 6.5″ mineral damped polymer driver cone for accurate mid-range/bass reproduction for minimal distortion. The 1″ dome tweeter is mounted in a shallow wave-guide aperture which shapes the speakers’ radiation pattern for optimal wide-angle coverage of the listening area. A front mounted hi frequency level control allows precise adjustment of the speaker’s sound in any room, and because of their wide-range, linear frequency response and robust construction they perform incredibly well as hidden side/back surround speakers in any home cinema system.

The elevation aspect of this system (the .2) is delivered by the dedicated Atlantic Technology IC-6-OBA' - 'Object Based Audio' in-ceiling speakers. The IC-6-OBA speaker is specifically designed to be used as the “elevation” component in an Object Based Audio system such as Dolby Atmos®, Auro 3D® and DTS:X® surround systems. The Atlantic Technology research and engineering team developed the IC-6-OBA to deliver the excitement of Object Based Audio encoded soundtracks with startling impact and holographic three-dimensional realism. The IC-6-OBA’s frequency response and radiation pattern have been specifically engineered to provide wide dispersion to eliminate hot spots that occur with standard in-ceiling speakers.

Atlantic Technology's Mica-Loaded Polypropylene cone utilised in the IC-6-OBA has physical properties that make it ideal for loudspeaker drivers and consequently is found in many of the world’s finest loudspeakers. Its combination of stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio means that it results in a more precise and defined sound reproduction. To help deliver and engaging and 'natural' sound, Atlantic Technology's soft-dome tweeter is another feature often found in the world’s finest loudspeakers. The low mass of treated cloth and its self-damping properties deliver more accurate sound with less distortion (especially when compared to other manufacturers who use harsher materials such as titanium or aluminium - which can be overly harsh at critical listening levels).

For the final part of the equation, delivering the lower end grunt and poise, is the dedicated coupling of Atlantic Technology's in-wall sub and amplifier combo - the IW-28-SUB (passive) and high current SA-200 mono subwoofer amplifier. The IW-28-SUB is an in-wall subwoofer that uses dual heavy-duty 8″ woofers to deliver rich, vibrant bass to custom-installed audio systems. Boasting amazing hookup flexibility, the 28 SUB can either be used passively, driven directly off the receiver’s front Left/Right speaker outputs by utilizing the 28 SUB’s on-board low-pass crossover, OR as in this case - it can be driven actively by using their power SA-200 amplifier connected to the receiver’s ‘sub out’ jack. The 28 SUB’s on-board low-pass crossover is then switched to ‘off,’ and the crossover functions and bass level duties are handled by the system electronics, as with any powered subwoofer.

This system enables synergy across all fronts. Not only are all the speakers matched (sleek bezel-less trims throughout) in terms of fit and finish for a consistent and impressively discrete in-wall/in-ceiling 5.1.2 cinema system - the whole system is acoustically balanced too. All the voicing on the speakers are timbre matched - being from a manufacturer who utilises the same cross-overs, materials and drivers throughout. This means there is minimal discordance in the system, it is a 'system' approach enabling cohesive synchronicity and an incredibly consistent sound-stage.

Ideal for any good quality and performance driven 5.1.2 application where the budget might be a little tighter - but the clients expectations are high!

Complete Atlantic Technology 5.1.2 'Object Based Audio' Speaker & Subwoofer System Package: 3 x IW-110-LCR, 2 x IW-105-LCR, 2 x IC-6-OBA & 1 x IW-28 Subwoofer (with SA-200 amplifier).

Atlantic Technology IW-110-LCR M-T-M In-Wall Speaker:

Atlantic Technology IW-28-SUB In-Wall Subwoofer / SA-200 Mono Power Amplifier:

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