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The company was founded back in 1989, by Peter Tribeman, in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, Atlantic Technology has become one of the largest specialist THX loudspeaker manufacturers in the world.

Peter had already become one of the most important innovators and  engineers in the then new field of Home Cinema. Peter was the leading engineer on a project undertaken with Lucasfilm to develop a home decoder for the groundbreaking surround audio track on The Empire Strikes Back. Since then he has become one of the most influential designers in the home cinema scene; every product reinforces his commitment to high performance and high value.

Unlike most speaker companies that package together five random speakers and a sub-woofer and call it a matched 'Home Cinema System', they design, engineer, and build integrated multichannel speaker systems.

So if you are after a perfectly matched, voiced and high quality freestanding speaker system, or want the perfect flat screen speaker system with acoustically matched rear/surround in-ceiling speakers (and a sub to complement) - then look no further than Atlantic Technology.