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Cabasse Stream Amp & Antigua IW Speakers- CI Streaming System

Premium High Fidelity Streaming Audio System with Antigua IW In-Wall Speakers

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“Straight out of the box it’s immediately clear that the Cabasse Stream AMP is a class act"

Arguably the pinnacle of the streaming range from Cabasse is the fantastic Stream Amp, a brilliant and adept amplifier/streamer that will change the parameters of compact streaming audio systems. Building on Cabasse's audiophile foundations the Stream Amp will mean that better streaming quality and high resolution performance will now be within reach of anyone.

Once connected to your home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, the Cabasse Stream Amp allows you to stream all your locally stored digital music files, thousands of internet radio stations as well as Deezer, Napster & Spotify Connect streaming (alongside Tidal & Qobuz hi-res streaming services). The Stream Amp is also conveniently fitted with a dedicated optical SPDIF input (which can be connected to a flat screen TV or a CD player), two analogue inputs and one USB inputs. The latter USB connection enables access to music files on memory sticks or HDDs, and instant Bluetooth Aptx connection is possible with NFC enabled smartphones and tablets.

Download the free Cabasse app on your tablet and smartphone (Android or Apple) and you can enjoy your music seamlessly, and in exceptional quality as the best audio dynamics are guaranteed with the exacting Stream Amp from Cabasse. As you would expect it enables you to access a range of compatible audio formats up to 24 bits / 96 kHz (WAV,FLAC, AIFF, AAC, MP3, PCM). This dynamism enables the Stream Amp to give you the enjoyment and the freedom to stream your digital audio files stored on your network (computers, hard drives and mobile devices), plus enables you to enjoy thousands of stations and songs with it's vTuner, Deezer, Napster & Spotify Connect support (with Tidal & Qobuz high res audio services also supported). You can use the Stream AMP as a stand alone system - or it can be grouped together with other products from the Cabasse Stream range for multi-room applications and playback

The Stream Amp utilises a very good quality and highly musical amplifier, that delivers deceptively subtle and detailed audio performance with its 2 x 50w amplifier. This is best seen and heard when paired with the outstanding and dynamic Antigua In-Wall speakers.

Designed for flush mounting in the walls thanks to its ultra thin grille, with magnetic link fastening, the Cabasse Antigua In-Wall offers Cabasse's signature acoustical performance for a host of distributed audio applications. The stylish grill which hides Cabasse's new 17T20 IW woofer and DOM36 midrange tweeter, harnessed from the lauded MT range of loudspeakers, the new Antigua IW combines discrete aesthetics and elegance with the Cabasse fidelity to live sound.

The Antigua IW is a creature of adaptability boasting easy installation and easy matching to any amplifier, thanks to it's clever high efficiency design and drivable impedance. Despite the fact that it is not as unique as it's '3-way' Cabasse stable mates the Altura and Minorca, the Antigua IW still is the high performance solution for a myriad of domestic and professional installs, for stereo sound or for surround effects. 

For walls in which the Antigua IW are installed they almost disappear as well, thanks to its ultra thin grill with magnetic link fastening, enabling the sleekest of installations and the best possible sound. For those of you wanting the most exacting standards of audio reproduction - the Minorca can also be fitted in a dedicated in-wall enclosure (available separately).

At this price - pedigree, perfection in sound and integration are unsurpassed, so ensure you choose these Cabasse in-walls over and above 'the competition'

To maximize the sound quality of your Stream AMP & Antigua IW's - simply use the DEAP settings in the Stream AMP (done simply via the Stream Control App) to adjust the best possible DSP for your compact streaming system. A simply stunning combination - perfect for any higher quality custom installation - where performance and the best resolution matters.

Now with drivers for Control4®

Cabasse Stream Amp - High Fidelity Amplifier & Streamer - Specifications:

Finishes: Glossy black
Amplification: 2 x 50 W RMS/4-8 Ω ou 4 x 25 W RMS/4-8 Ω
Network functions: DLNA, WPS, vTuner, Deezer, Napster, Spotify Connect, Tidal & Qobuz.
Network inputs: 4 x Digital stereo : Bluetooth AptX, WLAN/LAN, USB, Dolby Digital Optical S/PDIF – 2 x Analog RCA Stereo
Outputs: 1 x stereo RCA, 1 x Subwoofer RCA
Audio Formats: (WiFi/RJ45): WMA (WMA9, CBR, CBR, up to 320kbps) PCM (16 bits-44.1kHz, 24 bits-44/48/96 kHz, fichiers .wav, .aiff, .aifc , HTTP streams), AAC-LC (up to 320 kpbs), ALAC (.m4a) & FLAC (16 bits-44.1 kHz, 24 bits – 44/48/96 kHz)
Network 10/100Mb Ethernet - MAC & PHY - Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n - WPS 2.0 security, Digital media renderer (DLNA 1.5 norm)
Stream app for IOS and Android: Yes
Dimensions (h x l x d in cm): 9.1 x 21.8 x 19
Weight: 1.9 kg

Cabasse Stream Amp - High Fidelity Amplifier & Streamer - Resources & Downloads:

Cabasse Stream Amp Data Sheet

Cabasse Stream Series Brochure

Cabasse Stream Amp Instruction Manual

Cabasse Antigua IW - Two Way In-Wall Loud Speaker - Specifications:

Use: in wall / in ceiling
Ways: 2
1 x DOM36 tweeter - Kaladex® membrane
1 x 17T20 IW midrange-woofer - P2C diaphragm
Cross-over point: 1,800 Hz
Frequency response: 53 Hz - 22,400 Hz
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m: 88 dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Minimum Impedance: 6.8 ohms
Power handling: 40 W
Peak power: 320 W
Dimensions (H x W x D):
32 x 23 x 8.8 cm - 12.6 x 9.1 x 3.5 in
Weight: 2.2 kg - 4.9 lbs
Standard finish: white (paintable grille)

Cabasse Antigua IW - Two Way In-Wall Loud Speaker - Resources & Downloads:

Cabasse Antigua IW- Two Way In-Wall Loud Speaker Datasheet

Cabasse Antigua IW- Two Way In-Wall Loud Speaker Instruction Manual

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