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Cabasse Santorin 30-200 - Active Floor Standing Subwoofer

Cabasse Active Floor Standing 200 Watt Subwoofer

The Cabasse Santorin 30-200 is a new sub-woofer that finds itself at home in the multi-channel world - or as a dedicated active sub-woofer in a Cabasse stereo system.

The Santorin 30-200 subwoofer uses acoustic technologies developed directly rom the flagship La Sphère, which enable very deep and musical bass to be reproduced from a small cabinet size. For music and movies the generous and dynamic output is both accurate and impactful and integration with the rest of the system is seamless, thanks to the downward firing 360° vertical vent technology.

The honeycomb structure of the 30 cm woofer in the S30-200 permits a long excursion without deforming and distorting. High sound levels are possible across a wide frequency range thanks to the long voice coil, Kapton former and powerful magnetic field.

The horizontal vent has been replaced by a vertical one, down-firing in 360°. Vent noises are filtered, the standing wave phenomenon inside the cabinets damped, positioning of the speakers in relation to the wall less critical, low-frequency reproduction purer and deeper, always lively and dynamic.

As with all Cabasse products the Santorin 30-200 sub-woofer exudes the best quality finish of all their class-leading products, being available in a stunning gloss black or gloss white, and also a luxurious black pearl finish.

Cabasse Santorin 30-200 - Floor Standing Active Sub Woofer - Specifications:

Position: Floorstanding
Ways: 1
Drivers: 1 x 30 cm 30ND40 honeycomb membrane
Low pass filter adjustment: 40 – 180 Hz
Phase adjustment: 0° to 180° in 1° increments
Delay adjustment: In one foot increments
Frequency response: 29 – 180 Hz
Max SPL level: 104 dB
Nominal power: 200 W
Peak power: 400 W
Dimensions: 43.5 x 37 x 46 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Finishes: Gloss black, gloss white or black pearl

Cabasse Santorin 30-200- Floor Standing Active Sub Woofer - Resources & Downloads:

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