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Cabasse Santorin 38 - Active Floor Standing Subwoofer with DSP

Cabasse Reference Active Floor Standing 500 Watt Subwoofer with DSP.

Sitting at the top of Cabassse's 'low-end' performers is the reference Santorin 38 active sub-woofer.

The Santorin 38 features a flexible range of inputs and connectivity depending on the exact application it is being utilised within. As it can be paired with Cabasse's class leading and stylish satellites (Cabasse Riga or Baltic's are the natural pairings here), the Santorin 38 has both high and low level inputs (features both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA), with of course a dedicated high level output for satellites run in stereo system. The addition of high quality XLR inputs also means that in both higher end stereo or multi-channel applications it will be suitably equal footed with processors or pre-amplifiers with higher end connectivity.

The Santorin 38 is a premium performer as you would expect with it's dedicated pairings with Cabasse's Riga and Baltic satellites, and as such it features an incredibly dynamic and agile 500 watt amplifier and large 30cm downward firing driver. In addition to these features the Santorin 38 also features a dedicated microphone for setting up the sub-woofer to perform to it's optimum levels in any given room with a dedicated DSP in-built into the amplifier. This DSP control features both the ability for automatic calibration or for those dedicated 'tweakers' (or industry proessionals), manual set up options also. So set up options and control of crossover and phase etc. can all be done via the Santorin's 38 dedicated control panel as opposed to more standard rear mounted controls.

This extremely impressive DSP also allows the more sophisticated control functions within the sub-woofer to be utilised and enjoyed, as the Santorin 38 can be set up with a number of adjustable pre-sets as well, which will take in a host of system principles and variables to maximise the system(s) sonic performance. The Santorin 38 features a dedicated control panel for this calibration, and once configured these pre-sets can also be recalled simply and from a distance with a dedicated remote control. So this even lends the Santorin 38 perfect for adaptability and flexibility required in the best custom installation scenario's and even with rooms encompassed within higher end control systems, that may require different audio visual scenario's to be optimised and controlled (using dedicated pre-sets for visual/dialogue based 2.1 or multiple home cinema orientations, and changing this for musical applications for instance).

Fitted with the 38cm honeycomb dome woofer from the flagship L’Océan, the Santorin 38 subwoofer takes low frequency reproduction to new levels. The bandwidth is smooth and flat to below 17Hz and the dynamic performance is impressive in its ease at all amplitudes. The set up module measurements are always precise and its acoustic correction improves transparency throughout the entire spectrum. The Santorin 38 brings serious low frequency performance to your music.

The 360° vertically down-firing 38 cm (15’’) honeycomb woofer of the Santorin 38 allows for an exceptionally smooth bandwidth in your listening room, often even wider than that measured in Cabasse’s anechoic chamber (see above graph). The 38ND46 was specifically designed for use in a closed box without a bass reflex vent and the resulting acoustic experience is free of any vibration or coloration, even at the lowest frequencies. The Cabasse software for acoustical analysis and room correction is integrated in the 500W amplifier. The system comes with a measuring microphone ensuring an automatic adaptation of the subwoofer’s response. Three different manual or automatic set ups can be memorized and then selected with the remote control.

The Santorin 38 sub-woofer exudes the best quality finish of all Cabasse class-leading products, being available in a luxurious sublimely opulent black gloss finish to match Cabasse's higher end gloss black speakers.

Cabasse Santorin 38 - Floor Standing Active Sub Woofer - Specifications:

Frequency response: 17 – 170 Hz (anechoïc chamber)
Power handling: 500 W RMS
Low pass filter adjustment: from 30 to 200 Hz in 1 Hz increments
Phase adjustment: 0° to 180° in 1° increments
Delay adjustment: in one foot increments
Max Sound Pressure level: 112 dB
Dimensions (h x l x p in cm): 59 x 51 x 62cm – 23.2 x 20 x 24.4 in
Weight: 53 kg – 117 lbs
Finishes: Glossy black

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