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Elixir is the newest addition to the Heed Audio range.

Elixir sets a new benchmark for Heed, and it does to some extent represent a departure in one sense - but an affirmation in another. The range is garnered around a small but pure integrated amplifier - of Transcap technology (like all Heed amplifiers - it is has a unique and highly evolved RC-coupled design). Soon it will be joined by a CD transport (delighted named 'Abacus' for the digital medium!) exclusively designed for drawing more life out of the Elixir.

The Elixir is the essence of how Heed think about music reproduction. This integrated amplifier puts down four important cornerstones that shall provide a playground for the listener. A preamplifier with its dedicated output, a power amplifier with plenty of juice to drive anything reasonable, a phono preamplifier to re-discover those black discs, and a headphone amplifier with way too many talents for a secondary function only.

Despite the fact that it is hewn from the same stone that formed their Modular range and carved the new Obelisk, it is definitely a variant on a consistent theme (or Thesis). It is embryonic at this stage, but one could indubitably propose that Heed's mission with Elixir is to purely and simply prolong enjoyment in 'simple' and faithful musical reproduction...and one designed to deliver at a reassuringly real world cost.

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