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Russound AW10-LSUB-BR Landscape Subwoofer

External (Burial) Subterranean Landscape Passive Subwoofer

The AW10-LSUB-BR subwoofer, designed to be installed by a professional, offers an elegant, scalable platform for providing high quality audio enhancement to any outdoor area in even the harshest environmental conditions. Specially designed to withstand both extreme heat and cold, this subwoofer works great from the humid, hot conditions of summertime in Florida to the bone-chilling cold of a Minnesota winter.

The AW10-LSUB-BR is designed to add enhanced low frequency response to any outdoor audio system.  While designed to be paired with the Russound AW4-LS-BR landscape satellite loudspeaker, the unobtrusive design of the AW10-LSUB-BR after installation means that this powerful subwoofer can be easily added to any outdoor audio system.

With premium components selected for both durability and audio quality, the AW10-LSUB-BR is designed to enhance audio performance with a large 10” woofer that is completely hidden out of sight with only a small canopy visible that mimics other outdoor vents and exhausts and disappears into the scenery.

By adding this full bandpass design subwoofer to your audio installation, you are able to overcome the greatest obstacle to good outdoor sound, the lack of adequate bass response.  An open environment is the most difficult for achieving adequate sound levels of low frequency sounds such as the bass effects required for modern music. By adding the AW10-LSUB-BR where needed in an installation, the entire system sound quality can be easily improved.

The AW10-LSUB-BR subterranean subwoofer can be utilised with both standard stereo distribution systems, or can be utilised with 70/100v line systems like the Russound XZone70 - meaning that whatever the situation, it is the perfect choice for a host of residential or semi-commercial systems. For 'standard' stereo/residential systems - the AW10-LSUB-BR can be perfectly paired to 'rock out' your garden with Russound's powerful A2100 amplifier (in bridged mode for extra punch).

The AW10-LSUB-BR is sold individually. Finish is solely in 'Hickory' brown.

Russound AW10-LSUB-BR External Landscape Subterranean Passive Subwoofer - Features:

Rugged below-ground subwoofer provides superior bass while seamlessly blending into the landscape environment
Tuned port tube that offers deep, powerful, & tight bass
Silicone elbow for extra flexibility in any temperature extremes
Full bandpass design
Bass chamber is PVC for long-term durability in an underground environment
70v/100v/8Ω Design for use in any application
3-foot cable for easy connections with included weatherproof wire nuts
Five year limited warranty

Russound AW10-LSUB-BR External Landscape Subterranean Passive Subwoofer - Specifications:

Type: Full Bandpass Subwoofer
Woofer: 10” (254mm) PP Weatherproof Cone (rubber surround)
Frequency Response: 30Hz - 200Hz
Impedance: 8Ω - 70/100V
Recommended Power: 20~200W RMS
SPL: 90dB @1w/1m
Woofer Enclosure: 32.3 x 46.5cm & Canopy: 27.4cm
Unit Weight: 13.1 kg

Russound AW10-LSUB-BR External Landscape Subterranean Passive Subwoofer - Resources & Downloads:

Russound AW10-LSUB-BR External Landscape Subterranean Passive Subwoofer Datasheet

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