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Russound AS-14-SPKIT-BT Four Zone A-Bus with Bluetooth & Speaker Kit

Standard A-Bus 1 Source 4 Zone Kit with Russound Speakers. Double Warranty Exclusive

Special 'Double Warranty' 4 Zone A-Bus (with Bluetooth™) package featuring: 1 x A-H4, 1 x A-PS, 4 x A-K4, 4 x BTA-2, 1 x USRC, 4 x IC-610 & Accessories.

SRP: £2750.00 (Inclusive of VAT @ 20%).

Complete 'Out of the box' A-Bus Single/Multi-Source System with 'Localised/Zonal' Bluetooth Inputs & In-Ceiling Speakers: Includes - 1 x AH4 4 Zone Single Source Hub, 1 x A-PS 24v DC High Current PSU, 4 x AK4 A-Bus Amplified Keypads, 4 x BTA-2 In-Wall Bluetooth Local Inputs, 4 x SWP-2 Screwless Decora Surrounds in White, 1 x USRC Universal Remote Control, 1 x 1584.1 Dual IR Emitter, 4 x S2-32-W 2 Gang US Wall-boxes & 4 x IC-610 Trim-Bezel in-Ceiling Speakers.

This kit is a double warranty package as it is sold with Russound in-ceiling speakers. You can select a mixture of any 4 pairs of trim-bezel IC-610 in-ceiling speaker pairs or IC-610T single point stereo in-ceiling speakers. This could be 3 x pairs of IC-610's with 1 x IC-610T's...It is up to you.

Russound’s A-Bus systems are true multi-room simplicity. Designed for exceptional ease of use, their systems are flexible and modular. From single source systems that allow you to share music throughout your home, to multi-source systems that provide multiple music sources in different locations, Russound offers solutions for any home. From source components to amplified keypads, an A-Bus system installs using CAT-5 cable and keypads fit into standard US style J-boxes. Installation, whether in new construction or an existing home, is a snap.

Simple and elegant, the A-K4 Amplified Keypad provides easy control of your music. Turn it on or off or adjust the volume with just a touch - or use a remote control if you prefer. As inconspicuous as a light switch, the A-K4 complements your decor. Its built-in amplifier powers your room speakers directly, or you can use its line outputs to feed an external amplifier or powered subwoofer. It provides robust sound from a keypad not much larger than an electrical socket/switch. Alongside the A-K4 keypad sits the simple ease of Bluetooth connectivity in the form of the BTA-2 'local' source module.

The BTA-2 is a wall-mounted Bluetooth™ local input module for A-BUS Installations. It’s easy to retrofit, could even replace a preexisting local source input. Thanks to the aptX circuit, a user can enjoy CD-like quality sound streamed from their favorite device (phone, tablet or PC) up to 50’ away. Plus, the BTA-2's custom naming and security features allow you to wire MDU's without fear of overlap. Whenever a Bluetooth signal is received, the BTA-2 will automatically switch the active audio source to the Bluetooth device, making it simple and easy to use by any homeowner.

The advanced Bluetooth radio module with aptX® audio encoding offers a higher quality audio signal whenever an aptX-enabled Bluetooth device is utilized as the music source. The BTA-2 may be used with all A-BUS installations. For installations where more than one BTA-2 is desired, a Windows® software application is available free of charge to allow for custom naming of each BTA-2 as well as to allow for the use of a customized password for security purposes. It is installed anywhere inline of the CAT-5 cable between the A-BUS keypad and the A-BUS hub/controller. There are no other connections or power supplies required. It can even be programmed with a custom name for easy identification using a USB cable and a free software from Russound.

The A-K4 keypad and BTA-2 local source module are all encompassed at one control panel with the inclusion of a 2 Gang US Style J-Box and 2 Gang screwless SWP-2 surround, meaning zero clutter and fuss - just a svelte and stunningly simple little multi-room system with the added convenience of Bluetooth™ connectivity per room.

As you'd expect this system is optimised with the inclusion of Russound's popular and versatile IC-610 in-ceiling speakers, and when paired with the IC-610's (a pair per zone/keypad) you will also double the warranty on the complete system. So not only will you have the sonic benefits of using a Russound solution from point to point, you and your customer can benefit from extra piece of mind too!

Like all Russound speakers, the IC-610's speakers combine premium acoustic materials, with our most advanced drivers to deliver exceptional performance in every application. Russound new IC-610 speakers feature high quality drivers, sophisticated crossover networks, and advanced designs to ensure optimum reproduction in your home, no matter what the source material may be.

The IC-610's have also been cleverly designed and optimised to enable a very wide dispersion pattern, making them fantastic for multi-room applications where you really want good stereo coverage. And now due to higher quality magnets and drivers - means even the 'Entry Level' IC-610's can be used with smaller lower power systems like A-Bus systems.

The IC-610's are a two-way in-ceiling stereo pair featuring a 6.5" polypropylene cone driver with a movable/pivoting silk 0.75" tweeter. This combination means they will deliver warm and engaging stereo performance without the harshness of other speakers found at this price-point. The speakers are finished off with new ultra low profile trim-less bezel that magnetically attaches to the speaker, making the installed speaker blend into the ceiling, for an ultra clean and uncluttered finish.

This system kit enables you to have a 'system out of the box'. Four zones prepared - all you need then is some programming and installation time and some sources and you're good to go!

This kit is a popular choice as it saves money on buying components separately.

Sold in a standard white keypad finish.

Russound AS-14 SPKIT-BT A-Bus & Bluetooth™ Speaker System Kit Includes:

• 1 x Single Source Four Zone Surface Mount Hub (A-H4)
• 4 x A-Bus Amplified Keypads (A-K4)
• 4 x A-Bus Bluetooth Modules (BTA-2)
• 4 x Screwless 2 Gang White Keypad Surrounds (SWP-2)
• 1 x Dual IR Emitter (1584.1)
• 1 x System Remote (USRC)
• 1 x High Current A-Bus Power Supply (A-PS)
• 4 x US Style 2 Gang J-Boxes (S2-32-W)
• 4 x IC-610 (Pairs) or IC-610T (Singles) In-Ceiling Speakers (or mix of 4)

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