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Myro:Bridge - Rnet to Serial Port HDMI Matrix Integration Unit

Myro:Controls - Russound Rnet to Serial Port HDMI Matrix Integration Unit


With component video becoming less available on video devices it’s time for a way to switch video via a Russound RNET based controller. The key to achieving this simply and with minimum fuss is to use the Myro:Bridge. The Myro:Bridge (amongst other things) has been developed to enable Russound controllers to automatically synchronise zone/source switching via the Rnet bus, with a selection of HDMI switchers.

This combination will allow you to set up which Russound zones you want to be mapped to which HDMI port. Currently the unit supports a wide range of switchers from Atlona to WyreStorm (contact s for full details). All you need is any controller than has Rnet capability and you have the ability to offer your customers HD content with their Russound Multi-room system, all with minimal fuss and programming. The Myro:Bridge has a neat and simple HTML matrix configuration page, allowing you to simply configure which sources you require's never been that easy before!

Once configured you don't have to have a series of complex macro commands programmed into a remote - and there is no need for a third party control system synchronising everything up. Once it is configured it does all the hard-work for you and simply allows any source configured to be sent to the desired zone on your Russound system when you change a source on your Russound system...Brilliant!

The Myro:Bridge works so you can have HDMI distribution beautifully synchronised on your existing or next Russound audio project as well!

Myro:Controls - Myro:Bridge 'Rnet to Serial Port Bridge' - Features & Benefits:

Ethernet Port (requires DHCP server)
USB Port for uploading firmware
RS232 Port for HDMI Matrix Control Firmware (and other future devices)
RNET IN/OUT Port for connecting to Russound RNET Systems
Built-in web server to monitor device status and to setup RNET Source ID
Includes USB programming cable, RNET (Cat5) cable, Ethernet cable and a 12v Power Supply.
Case footprint: 4.125” W x 4.5”L x 2.25”
Supported Russound Controllers: CAA66, MCA-66i, MCA-88i, MCA-88x & Legacy Controllers (CAV/CAM/ACA-E5, MCA-C3 & MCA-C5).
Supports a variety of HD switchers including Pulse-Eight, Atlona, Octava & Wyrestorm and many more.

Myro:Controls - Myro:Bridge 'Rnet to Serial Port Bridge' - Resources & Downloads:

Myro:Bridge & Switcher Diagram

Myro:Bridge Operation Manual