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Russound ISK2 - ComPoint 'Advanced' System Keypad

Compoint Intercom 'Advanced' System Control Keypad

Elegant and easy to use, the ComPoint ISK2 Advanced Keypad displays zone names and volume level on its simple but effective LCD display. Designed exclusively for larger systems with up to 36 zones that warrant that extra level of finesse and feedback, the ISK2 provides the necessary information to make communication easy.

The keypad can be set to have an amber or green back-light and LCD display, and can also be finished in a series of colours - including black and stainless steel.  The keypad itself requires just 1 cat5e cable back to it's respective zone input on the ISH1 hub.

The keypad can be installed with a distributed audio system - and in this fashion it requires that the speaker cables from the audio zone that it is directly affiliated with, to be 'run through it' to enable correct functionality. If the keypad is installed with a Russound distributed audio system - then it can be either housed in a standard US 1 Gang J-Box (S1-18-R, S1-18-W or CADMP-1P) or it can be housed in a larger wall box alongside the audio system keypad.

If the ISK2 is not part of a distributed audio system - then it will require the special ISSP in-wall speaker in order to ensure correct functionality. Again, the keypad can be housed with the speaker in a standard US 2 Gang J-Box (S2-53-RAC, S2-32-W or CADMP-2P) enabling complete ease of use with minimal 'wall-clutter'.

The ISK2 can be finished in a variety of finishes - including black with a screw-less stainless steel surround for a more luxurious finish.

When purchased individually it requires an SWP-1 type keypad surround.

Russound ComPoint - ISK2 'Advanced' System Keypad Features & Benefits:

Press a button and talk to anyone in the home
Reply without touching the keypad for easier communication
LCD panel displays zone for incoming and outgoing communication
Global paging, point-to-point intercom and hands-free reply for easy operation
Listen to a zone from anywhere in the home for peace of mind
Attractive keypad offers elegant solution for any home
160 selectable location names for personalizing intercom zones
Use a stand alone system with ISSP speaker
Ideal for integrating into a Russound multi-room system
Simple and fuss free Decora®-style design, available in five colors
Requires a standard US 1 or 2 Gang J-Box for fitment
Requires a single Cat5e cable for connection to ISH1

Russound ComPoint - ISK2 'Advanced' System Keypad Specifications:

Display: 5-character LCD panel with volume bar
User controls: Talk key, Next and Previous keys, DND selection/indication key & Volume Up and Volume Down keys
Backlighting: Installer-selectable amber or green
Audio input: Built-in microphone with automatic gain control
Amplifier: Monaural (for system functions only)
Amplifier power: 2 watts
Min. load impedance: 6 ohms per channel
Speaker relay: 4-pole double-throw
Speaker relay rating: 50 watts RMS continuous
Speaker connector: 8-pole screw terminal
Speaker wire size: Up to 14 AWG (1.63 mm)
CAT-5 connector: 110 punch-down block
Power consumption: 15 VDC 800 mA maximum, 200 mA typical
Keypad style: Single-gang Decora®
Dimensions (without SWP-1 surround): 4.8 x 10.6 x 6.7 cm (W x H x D)
Weight: 159 g

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