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Russound ISH1 - Compoint Intercom System Hub

Compoint Intercom System Master Control Hub

The heart of the ComPoint system, the ISH1 Hub connects the keypads and door stations. It provides your choice of seven different doorbell chimes, assignable to the door stations by your installer.

As the central controller for the ComPoin system, the ISH1 Hub performs all communications routing, as such it addresses the keypads and door stations according to the ports they’re connected to. The hub has ports for 6 zone keypads, and up to 6 ISH1 Hubs can be linked together for a maximum of 36 zones (must use ISK2 keypads for systems in excess of 6 zones). With multiple hubs, each hub must be assigned a unique ID number during installation.

Designed for surface mounting or installation in a structured wiring panel - such as a Leviton 140, 280 or 420 series enclosure, the ISH1 Hub uses an external model ISPS power supply to conserve chassis space. The hub requires a dedicated power supply - the Russound ISPS and it should be located near an electrical outlet either close to the hub or fed internally from a power outlet within the wiring enclsoure.

The ISH1 Hub connects to the keypads and door stations with CAT-5e cable. The length limit for the CAT-5 cable is 250 feet (76 m). you nheed to run CAT-5e from the hub location to every keypad and door station location. If you are installing optional ISDR1 modules, loop the door station cables through the module locations.

The hub also has ports for 2 up to 2 x ISK3 or ISK4 door stations (max of two doorstations per system). A separate doorbell chime tone can be selected on hub 1 for each door. These chime selections take effect for the entire system and play through all the zone keypads.

Russound ISH1 - Compoint Intercom System Hub Features & Benefits:

System expands to up to 36 zones for larger homes or room to grow
Choice of seven doorbell chimes, with adjustable chime volume level
Organizes door station, intercom and paging functions according to priority level
Reliably manages communications throughout the home
Designed to easily install in a structured wiring panel and uses CAT-5 connectivity
Powers up to 6 keypads per hub
Allows for the connection of 2 x ISK3 or ISK4 door stations
Simple dip-switch hub addressing system for large 'linked' systems
Utilises bespoke Russound ISPS power supply
Utilises easy to use RJ45 connections for keypads and hub links (T568A)

Russound ISH1 - Compoint Intercom System Hub Specifications:

Keypad ports: (6) 8-pole modular RJ-45
Door station ports: (2) 8-pole modular RJ-45
Link ports: (2) 8-pole modular RJ-45
Firmware update port: 4-pole port for Programming Cable
Switches: 4-switch DIP for hub ID setting
8-switch DIP for 2 doorbell settings
Potentiometer for doorbell volume
Doorbell options: 7 chime patterns plus no chime
Power requirement: 15 VDC 3.5 A (Use model ISPS power adapter)
Mounting method: Surface or structured wiring panel
Dimensions: 16.4 x 13.0 x 4.6 cm (W x H x D)
Weight: 0.93 kg

Russound ISH1 - Compoint Intercom System Hub Resources & Downloads:

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