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Sanus CFR1620

35" Tall 20U 'Skeleton Series' Self Assembly Stackable Rack For AV Equipment

SANUS Component Series CFR1620 AV rack can support up to 272kg (600 lbs) of AV gear on the floor, and up to 90kg (200 lbs) when mounted on the wall.

Its modular, stackable structure can be coupled into five different height combinations - 40U, 35U, 30U, 20U and 15U.

The unit comes with 1 x 2U shelf and 1 x 1U shelf included – but more can be simply added from the Sanus range (1U, 2U & 3U shelves all available). Additional (not included) accessory options include both a swing-out arm/bracket for mounting the rack on the wall, and a caster kit for ensuring the rack is as mobile as required if a ‘static’ position is not needed.

Due to its easy modular assembly and relatively light weight, it is a perfect solution for those installations that don't warrant the expense, size and proportions of larger pre-built (or even self-assembled) AV racks. The whole rack with its accessories fits in one convenient box for simple and fast shipping options – and talking of fast, the CFR1620 is a self-aligning rack and can be assembled in just 15 minutes.

Plus, remember a simple fact too about the Skeleton racks...they are so cool! No but seriously - they are cool, as due to the open architecture they naturally let air circulate around all your AV components - so if you are not a fan of fans, the skeleton rack just might be for you.

Also bear in mind that if you need extra shelves – we also sell Sanus screws for both the Skeleton and Component series racks as well.

Sanus CFR1620 - 20U Skeleton AV Rack - Features, Benefits & Specifications:

Easy to install
Hardware included
Mount directly to the wall
Multiple different height combinations available
Open design keeps your equipment cool and easily accessible
Product Width: 20.39" / 51.79cm
Package Width: 31.10" / 78.99cm
Product Weight Capacity: 600.00lbs / 272.16kg
Rack spaces: 20
1U Shelf Quantity: 1
2U Shelf Quantity: 1

Sanus CFR1620 - 20U Skeleton AV Rack - Resources & Downloads:

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Sanus CFR1620  Instruction Manual

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