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Yamaha CX-A5100

AVENTAGE Network 11.2-channel AV Pre-Amplifier/Processor (with Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X™) & Yamaha MusicCast.


Now with Yamaha's MusicCast streaming inbuilt.

The new Yamaha CX-A5100 now has evolved into a true thoroughbred, as this sophisticated processor now has full object based audio capability with Dolby Atmos® support and DTS:X™ support now inbuilt. The CX-A5100 utilises the most sophisticated engineering and technology, as well as traditional craftsmanship, for pure sound reproduction. As part of the no-compromise design policy, Yamaha created an advanced chassis with strong rigidity. The attention to detail is seen in both their application of A.R.T (Anti-Resonance Technology) and their H-shaped cross frame design that boosts mechanical strength, by adopting aluminium side panels that increase the stiffness of the housing, and by a three-ply structure with independent top cover and side panels. 

All AVENTAGE products are based on the audio design concept of providing a massive, full-bodied sound for movie sound effects and the accurate reproduction of music sources, and the CX-A5100 is no exception to these rules. In the CX-A5100, all channels use ultra high performance ESS ES9016 DACs, which provide 192kHz/32-bit compatible high SN ratio and dynamic range, ensuring that it can faithfully reproduce audio signals from Blu-ray and other players, and high quality signals from high resolution sound sources input through your local network. The attention to detail with reducing noise and distrortion can also be seen in the fact that the CX-A5100 also features balanced inputs as well as 'unbalanced' for interconnection with the MX-A5000 power amplifier (The CX-A5100 also allows balanced audio input connection to high grade source components such as CD players).

When it comes to AV performance the CX-A5100 calls on Yamaha's best processing technology with CINEMA DSP HD3 Expanding the sound field vertically for more thrilling and realistic surround sound, plus the CX-A5100 also has 33 DSP programmes - including 'Spectacle' for movies with strong visual and audio impact, 'Sci-Fi' for SFX movies, 'Adventure' to emphasise the sound of action movies, and drama. Compatibility with the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD sound formats also means you are guaranteed to hear the full potential of every movie and music source. This performance has now been boosted to include processing for the new and exciting object based audio formats with both Dolby Atmos® support and DTS:X™ support now inbuilt. This means that when paired with the Yamaha MX-A5000 multi-channel power amplifier - or other suitably adept higher end performers (like the stunningly good Parasound Halo multi-channel power amplifiers), the result will be an utterly absorbing and highly dynamic high end home cinema system that will grace the very best of installations.

Being a network processor it enables seamless connectivty and control with mobile devices, with AirPlay and Bluetooth. Plus it can be beautifully and intuitively controlled via Yamaha's excellent AV Controller App for Andorid and iOS devices. Being a fully DLNA compliant product it can stream music from computers on your LAN or NAS drive, and if you prefer streaming service support it also features strong streaming service features, as it handles Napster®, Spotify® and also vTuner®. All streaming sources can be improved not only by using High-resolution Music Enhancer, but also through it's class leading DAC's inside the CX-A5100.

Video processing is not left at the sidelines either, with 4K Ultra HD Pass-through and Upscaling all standard features. The new CX-A5100 boasts 4K60p 4:4:4 Pass through, a plethora of high definition connectivity with multiple HDMI inputs and outputs (8 in/2 out). As you would expect for a class leading product it also has advanced HD signal processing with support for HDCP2.2 (7 in/2 out) with the usual and now almost complimentary support for 3D and Audio Return Channel (ARC) as well.

The CX-A5100 like it's higher end AVENTAGE counterparts also has multiroom video capability too - as the CX-A5100 has the ability to 'matrix' HDMI to another zone (assignable). This means that not only does this unit cater impressively for a premium home cinema room - it also caters for an additonal zone as well, meaning that this unit can be at the heart of all your day to day AV enjoyment. This multiroom video ability is now strongly enhanced by Yamaha's brand new and exciting MusicCast streaming audio technology, meaning that the CX-A5100 can be seamlessly integrated with other Yamaha MusicCast products to form an audio streaming ecosystem - enabling the same and different playback within multiple zones.

Yamaha CX-A5100 Network 11.2 Pre-Amplifier - Features & Benefits Overview:

Dolby Atmos® support
DTS:X™ support
AVENTAGE Concept 11.2-channel pre-amplifier
The Next-generation CINEMA DSP HD3, compatible with all the latest formats
Highly reliable balanced connections and high quality XLR terminals for long subwoofer cables
ESS 9016 DAC for all channels including front and rear presence channels
High density presence and richly detailed sound ensured by high sound quality parts and design
Specially designed high rigidity chassis eliminates the effects of vibration for greater sound purity
YPAO-R.S.C Sound optimisation with high precision 64-bit EQ calculation
MusicCast for audio enjoyment in every room
Wi-Fi Built-in and Wireless Direct compatible for easy network
Bluetooth for wireless music streaming and Compressed Music Enhancer for Bluetooth
AirPlay, Napster®*, Spotify®*, JUKE* music streaming service and AV Controller app
DSD 2.8MHz/5.6MHz, FLAC/WAV/AIFF 192kHz/24bit, Apple Lossless 96kHz / 24-bit playback
Gapless playback compatibility allows play without interruption
AV Controller app for operating various functions from a smartphone or tablet
4K60p 4:4:4 Pass through, HDMI (8 in/2 out) with HDCP2.2 (7 in/2 out), 3D and Audio Return Channel
Yamaha video processing optimises video content
High-resolution Music Enhancer further heightens musicality from the original content
Advanced HDMI Zone Switching allows unprecedented AV switching to multiple zones
Versatile Zone control up to four Zones including party mode
Handy trigger control
Yamaha CX-A5100 Network 11.2 Pre-Amplifier - Detailed Specifications:

DSP Programs: 33
Dialog Level Adjustment: Yes
Virtual Presence Speaker: Yes (with Virtual Rear Presence Speakers)
Dialogue Lift@ Yes (no presence speakers required)
Dolby Atmos: Yes
Dolby TrueHD: Yes
Dolby Digital Plus: Yes
Dolby Digital: Yes
Dolby Pro Logic IIx: Yes
DTS:X: Yes
DTS-HD Master Audio: Yes
Pure Direct: Yes (with video on mode)
Compressed Music Enhancer: Yes
High-resolution Music Enhancer: Yes
YPAO multi-point measurement: Yes with R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) and Angle measurement
YPAO Volume: Yes
Adaptive DRC (Dynamic Range Control): Yes
Initial Volume & Maximum Volume Setting: Yes
A.R.T. Wedge: Yes
Audio Delay: Yes (0-500 ms)
192kHz/24-bit DACs for all channels: Yes (ESS) 192kHz/32-bit DACs for all channels incl. presence speakers
4K Ultra HD Pass-through and upscaling: Yes (4K60p 4:4:4)
HDMI 3D passthrough: Yes
HDMI Audio Return Channel: Yes
Component upconversion: Yes
HDMI upscaling: Yes (Analogue to HDMI / HDMI to HDMI)
Video adjustment: Yes
Deep Color/x.v.Color/24Hz Refresh Rate /Auto Lip-Sync: Yes
HDMI Input/Output: 8 (HDMI1-7: HDCP2.2 compatible) / 2 (HDCP2.2 compatible)
HDMI CEC: Yes (SCENE, Device Control)
USB Input: iPod / iPhone, USB Memory, Portable Audio Player
Network Port: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes (with Wireless Direct)
AirPlay: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Front AV Input: HDMI / USB / Analogue Audio / Optical / Composite
Digital Audio Input/Output: Optical     3 / 0
Digital Audio Input/Output: Coaxial     3 / 0
Analog Audio Input/Output: XLR Balance: 1 / 0, RCA Unbalance: 9 (front 1) / 0
Phono Input: Yes
Component Video Input/Output: 3 / 1
Composite Video Input/Output: 5 (front 1) / 1
Preout     XLR Balance: 11.2ch, RCA Unbalance: 11.2ch
Headphone Output: 1
FM/AM Tuner: Yes
User Interface: On-screen display/Graphical User Interface
App Control: Yes (iPhone / iPad / Android phone / tablet)
Web Browser Control: Yes
Remote Control Unit: Yes (Preset, Learning, Macro, Full LED Backlight)
Zone 2 Audio Output: Preout / HDMI
Zone 3 Audio Output: Preout
Zone 4 Audio Output: HDMI
Zone Video Output: HDMI / Component / Composite
Zone HDMI: Yes (Advanced HDMI Zone Switching)
Zone B Output: HDMI
Zone GUI: Yes
RS-232C Interface: Yes
+12V Trigger Output: 2
Remote (IR) Input/Output: 1 / 1
Party Mode: Yes
Auto Power Standby: Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D)     435 x 192 x 474 mm (with antenna up: 435 x 247 x 474 mm)
Weight     13.5 kg; 29.8 lbs.

Yamaha CX-A5100 Network 11.2 Pre-Amplifier - Resources & Downloads:

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