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High Quality Bluetooth Audio from the Cabasse SWELL

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Cabasse, the leading name in French high-fidelity since 1950, is excited to announce SWELL, the company’s first wireless portable speaker is now available through Connected Distribution, its UK distributor. This rechargeable Bluetooth speaker proves that audiophile quality music can be produced from an ultra-compact speaker for enjoyment by music lovers on-the-move.

Packshot Cabasse SWELL perspectives 1 copy

With more than 67 years of experience in high-fidelity acoustics, Cabasse has used its expertise to develop its first wireless, travelling speaker that offers the pure, dynamic and wholly natural “Cabasse signature” sound. Built with a state-of-the-art digital amplifier and fine-tuned in the Cabasse studios in France, SWELL is one of the most powerful and well-balanced hi-fi Bluetooth portable speakers available. It is equipped with four speaker drivers and has a complete audio range that goes from tight, rich bass to the purest high tones, with an especially transparent reproduction of the critical midrange.

SWELL offers simple and pleasant listening to all styles of music. The user simply connects a smartphone or tablet directly to the speaker via Bluetooth using the NFC connection technology, or manual pairing, and can instantly listen to all their playlists, streaming services or favourite web radio stations. It’s even possible to connect a turntable (equipped with a phono preamp) or a CD player to the auxiliary input, to expand the music choice to all formats. And, to get the party really started, two SWELL speakers can be paired together to create a 120 watt stereo system!

Compact and easy to carry, SWELL can follow audiophiles everywhere at home or while travelling, making it possible to enjoy quality sound either alone or with friends. Its low weight (750g) makes it the perfect speaker to carry anywhere, and with 10 hours of non-stop music from its rechargeable battery, listening to music has no boundaries!

Cabasse SWELL relaxation

The SWELL is a “jewel” of a speaker that will become an integral part of the home decor thanks to its understated elegant design which is available in black or white. Its sturdy structure and metallic grill provide durability, making it the perfect travel companion. The Cabasse quality acoustics are enhanced by a refined aesthetic that only a “Designed in France” badge can offer.

The SWELL will be available in the UK during November 2017 and will have a MSRP of £229.