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Parasound introduces the Zonemaster 2350 stereo power amplifier with subwoofer crossover



Parasound is introducing the ZoneMaster ZM2350, a powerful and affordable 350-watt per channel Class D stereo power amplifier with built-in subwoofer crossover, perfect for custom installation and premium audio applications.

2350 high angle black web

The two-channel ZoneMaster ZM2350 draws on the company's renowned heritage of low-noise class AB input stages and analogue bass management, combined with the highest quality Class D amplification to drive 8-ohm speakers to 350 watts per channel and up to 600 watts into 4-ohms.  As with all Parasound amplifiers, the 2350's high current design and extensive heat-sinking enable it to easily drive 2-ohm loads in demanding applications.

2350 front back black web

In addition to providing high power and audiophile-grade sound quality to stereo speakers, the ZoneMaster 2350 includes installer-friendly features that have proven very popular on Parasound's other ZoneMaster amplifiers. These include a two-channel analogue 80Hz, 24dB/octave low-pass crossover for driving up to four 8-ohm passive subwoofers with 300 watts per sub, without the need for external crossovers. A mono mode permits use of up to eight 8-ohm full-0range mono speakers, perfect for applications where stereo sound is not required, such as bars and restaurants.

Each channel features a separate level control, useful to limit the output when using speakers with in-wall volume controls, for left/right balance adjustment to compensate for room placement or to restrict the maximum level in a particular zone. A and B speaker switches, a stereo/mono switch and a switchable 30Hz/80Hz high-pass filter, to improve performance with small speakers, provide flexibility of set up. Both line level and speaker level inputs are catered for, with the option to daisy chain both at line level to another amplifier. The 2350 also features a mono full range line level output and an 80Hz low pass line level output for use with an active subwoofer. Audio-sensing or 12 Volt trigger auto turn-on options complete the line-up of installer friendly features.

"While this is probably my 38th new power amplifier introduction, I am especially excited about the ZoneMaster 2350 as something new and different for Parasound," said Richard Schram, the company's president and founder. "It has the high horsepower our industry has come to expect from good Class D, and by marrying it with our industry-leading analogue input stage and unique connectivity options, we've created a remarkably rugged, maximum-fidelity amp that can play at the red-line all day. With bass management and versatile installation features, it is also a really practical choice for commercial systems."

The Parasound ZoneMaster 2350 is now available from authorised Parasound dealers with an MSRP of £1,449 inc. VAT.

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