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‘A Cinema In The Home’ From Aurea Loudspeakers

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Connected Distribution has secured exclusive UK distribution for the Aurea range of cinema loudspeakers, bringing a true cinema sound experience to the home, thanks to the brand’s long history of supplying the world’s leading commercial cinema companies with speaker systems.

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Aurea, based in Madrid, Spain, is the domestic brand created by LW Speakers, one of the world’s foremost suppliers of professional loudspeakers to the cinema sector. Its speakers are used in hundreds of cinemas around the world, including such prestigious locations as BFI Imax, London; Odeon Leicester Square, London; The Hackney Picture House, London; and ten screens, including two Dolby Atmos and one Imax, at the Odeon Milton Keynes.

LW Speakers and Aurea were founded by cinema industry legend, Luis Wassmann, whose 40 years in the industry started with the manufacture and supply of 35mm film projectors. In the early 1990s, when Dolby systems started to appear in cinemas, Luis diversified into speaker design and development to service the growing need for better quality audio systems, to complete the package of projection and sound.

He launched the Aurea brand in 2015 specifically for use in the home, to provide the same quality and dispersion characteristics of movie soundtrack reproduction in the home as the LW Speakers have been delivering in cinemas. Luis is careful to point out that these are not home cinema speakers, but are in fact cinema speakers for the home, a point that Connected Distribution’s product director Mike Bonnette takes up.

“Aurea speakers are designed using the same principles around intelligibility in the near field that are so important in commercial cinemas. Cinema sound is different from music reproduction as the soundtrack contains dialogue that tells the story, as well as music and special effects, and spans a vast frequency range.

“The majority of home cinema speakers are essentially derivatives of traditional hi-fi speakers, albeit in and on-wall variants, and these are not designed along the same lines as cinema speakers. What Aurea has achieved, with its residential products, is the goal of intelligibility in the near field in the same way it did for commercial cinema, allowing home users to experience their movies sounding like they do ‘at the movies’.”

Screen series line up

The Aurea range is vast, covering every eventuality for home installation, from the diminutive neo range of compact enclosures that are perfect for media rooms, up to the almost professional sized Aurea 26 screen system and Aurea 21 Sub with its 21” bass driver. These larger models are available with or without built-in amplification and DSP control.

In wall series line up

Perhaps more commonly installed in domestic settings are the Aurea In-Wall range, which are designed to fit in standard stud walls, behind acoustically transparent screens or fabric walls. 

Several specialist ceiling mounted co-axial speakers and wedge-shaped surround speakers complete the line-up. And the ability mix and match all the models in the Aurea range without compromising tonality or dispersion, makes it hugely versatile and suitable for all installations. 

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Under the Aurea brand a complete suite of amplification products is available, which is identical to the amplifiers supplied to the commercial cinemas. These range from two-channel to 16 channel models with up to 12,000 watts. And, to achieve the perfect performance characteristics, a dedicated DSP processor is available, enabling each speaker and the entire system to be configured to the cinema industry response curve.

Connected Distribution is stocking demonstration products from across the ranges to enable installers to experience the speakers for themselves. Customer installations will be manufactured to order and Connected will be offering on-site DSP configuration assistance to installers to ensure the perfect ‘Cinema In The Home’ results.

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