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Shaking the foundations with Earthquake subwoofers from The Multi-Room Company

Earthquake Sound

Distributor of home entertainment and custom installation solutions, The Multi-Room Company, is pleased to announce the addition of the Earthquake brand of subwoofers to its portfolio of products; satisfying customer requirements for a compact but high performance subwoofer for home cinema installations.

Earthquake Supernova Series

Earthquake, founded over 27 years ago, produces a variety of high quality audio products that have impressed audiophiles across the world, winning many prestigious awards for sound quality, performance, value and features. Granted numerous design patents by the United States Patent Office, many of Earthquake’s designs have revolutionised the audio industry.

MiniMe Collage

Engineered by audiophiles for audiophiles, Earthquake subwoofers are meticulously crafted to reproduce the low frequencies with absolute precision, power and authority. Used in serious systems, the compact but powerful subwoofers are designed to bring the home cinema experience to life without intruding on the environment.

After considered auditioning and evaluation, The Multi-Room Company has chosen a number of models from Earthquake’s extensive range as the core offerings for its customers. From the diminutive, but high performance FF6.5 front-firing 150 watt sub, to the 600 watt MiniMe P12 with its 12” powered driver and 12” S.L.A.P.S. passive radiator, the range provides the custom installer with a solution for any installation.

FF-6.5 Collage

Mike Bonnette, product director for The Multi-Room Company, says, “Our customers have been asking us for a compact but high powerful subwoofer solution that does more than just shakes the floor. We evaluated a number of options and the decision to work with Earthquake was unanimous – the output of these remarkably small subwoofers has to be heard to be believed.” He continues, “We are convinced that our customers and their customers will see, hear and feel the huge improvements that adding an Earthquake sub to their systems will make.”

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