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Atlantic Technology IC-6.2 Trim-Line In-Ceiling Speakers

High quality 2-way 6½" 'Trim-Line' In-Ceiling Speaker

The IC-6.2 two-way ceiling mount speakers are the perfect high quality, multi-purpose solution for whole-house music installations and surround sound where stealth is a key requirement. Their long-throw woofers with massive magnet assemblies and 1” soft-dome tweeters provide outstanding sound coverage for every application. With a discrete profile sma;; bezel combined with terrific sound, there are no excuses for not having great music and special effects wherever you want or need them.

The IC-6.2 woofers feature carbon loaded mica/poly cones, rubber surrounds, and high-temperature voice coils. The 1” soft dome tweeter is mounted in a clever pivoting assembly that lets you direct the high frequencies in any direction desired for the best sonic effect. In addition, both models utilize advanced computer-optimized crossovers, gold-plated heavy-duty connectors, magnetic grille attachment, and simple rotating clamp mounting for exceptional acoustic performance and easy installation.

Simply put, these innovative ceiling speakers make it possible to have spectacular sound in almost any room in your home, and they are ideal for delivering superior surround sound effects if your room layout or aesthetic considerations preclude mounting conventional surround speakers on the walls.

If looking to optimise a stealthy home cinema system, the IC-6.2 make ideal ceiling mounted front-channel speakers in a high-performance in-ceiling system where near total invisibility is a primary requirement. Their pivoting tweeters mean you can “aim” the high frequencies toward the listening area, for superb sound without any visual compromise. Additonally; in this application, When used as surround speakers, they can be used very deftly at surround channels as well - as the tweeter can be pivoted away from the listening area, towards the rear or side walls. When installed in this manner, the speakers deliver a more diffuse upper midrange and high frequency sound that helps to create a convincing, three-dimensional surround sound that draws you into the action.

If you are looking for stealthy very high quality multi-room stereo sound or distributed audio applications - The speakers are perfect for delivering full 2-channel stereo sound in any room. Becuase they feature low profile magnetic grills which almost blend into ceilings, these excellent speakers give you great sound quality with hardly any visiblity.

Sold individually.

Atlantic Technology IC-6.2 'Trim-Line' In-Ceiling Speaker Specifications

Type: 2 Way In-Ceiling LCR Speaker
Dimensions Diameter: 235mm
Cutout Dimensions Diameter: 202mm
Cutout Dimensions Depth: 105mm
Required Ceiling Thickness: 1/2" - 1" (12.7mm - 25.4mm)
Frequency Response: 48 – 20kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity@ 88dB (1watt/1meter)
Recommended Power: 10 – 125 Watts RMS
Impedence: 6 Ohms
Woofer: 1 x 6 1/2" Mica/Graphite loaded Polymer cone
Tweeters: 1 x 1" pivoting silk dome
Net Weight: 1.73 kg
New Construction Kit (optional): IC-NC-TLC-6
In Ceiling Back Box (optional): IC-BOX-6/8

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