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Cabasse Santorin IW - In-Wall Sub-Woofer

High Performance In-Wall Sub-woofer (with in-wall enclosure)

Designed for flush mounting in the walls, the Santorin In-Wall offers the same depth, punch and musicality at low frequencies for music and home cinema as the other Santorin sub-woofers from Cabasse.

The Santorin IW is a satisfyingly solid product - in terms of construction - but also in terms of bass response and performance. The Santorin IW is a square ported design with an arrangement of dual diagonally aligned woofers. The smooth and extended low frequency response is given largely from a designated enclosure which forms the top part of the sub-woofer assembly.

The Santorin IW with this enclosure needs no more than 10 cm depth to be fully integrated in the wall with its sleek flush mount grill, ensuring that it can be housed as slickly and anonymously as possible within any desired location in a residential or semi commercial application where bass is definitely needing to be heard - but not seen.

The perfect partner for any installation that utilises Cabasse's custom installation speakers. It has of course been fine tuned by Cabasse to ensure that it will work gloriously in any combination (2.1/5.1/7.1 etc.), and within both musical or movie based applications where stealthy but serious performance is required.

The Cabasse Santorin IW sub-woofer is sold with the in-wall enclosure (must be fitted for correct performance).

Cabasse Santorin In-Wall Subwoofer - Specifications:

Santorin In-wall subwoofer

Drive unit : 2 x 17S20 IW 17 cm (7 in) woofers
Frequency bandwidth : 35-175 Hz in semi-reverberating chamber
Maximum RMS SPL : 108 dB RMS
Dimensions (h x w x d) :
in wall : 108 x 36 x 9.5 cm
on wall : 42 x 37 x 1 cm
Weight : 16 kg

Cabasse Santorin In-Wall Subwoofer  - Resources & Downloads:

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