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Muxlab 500049 - Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Balun

Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Balun (Single)

The Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Balun (500049) allows one (1) composite video, one (1) stereo audio and one (1) IR emitter signal to be transmitted via a single Cat5E/6 cable in a point-to-point connection. The Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Balun features full audio bandwidth response for high fidelity applications and features built-in color-coded cable leads for ease of installation.

The Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Balun also works in conjunction with third party IR Remote Control equipment allowing the IR Emitter to connected the IR control module using the same Cat5E/6 cable as video and audio for more cost-efficient cabling.

MuxLab 500049 - Applications:
  • Commercial AV systems
  • Residential AV systems
MuxLab 500049 - Features & Specifications:
  • Extend dual stereo Hi-Fi audio signal distances up to 3,250ft / 1km via single Cat5e/6
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz (over distance range)
  • Color coded RCA connectors (female sockets)
  • Video up to 2,200 feet (670m) via Cat 5E/6
  • Audio up to 3,250 ft (990m) via Cat5E/6
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz audio bandwidth
  • IR 2-wire emitter pass-thru on fourth twisted pair
  • Built-in color-coded cable leads
  • This product features MuxLab’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions: 1.18 H x 2.36 W x 2.76 L in (7.00 × 6.00 × 3.00 cm)
  • Weight 0.100 kg
MuxLab 500049 - Resources & Downloads: