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VMC Pro Control

"Nothing Else Comes Remotely Close"

Pro Control is a division of Remote Technologies Inc., an award-winning manufacturer of innovative home control products for over 25 years. Combining advanced capabilities with unprecedented value, Pro Control programmable remote controls, professional-grade control systems and accessories provide the ultimate control solution for professionally installed entertainment systems.

Aside from their flexible ProPanel App for iOS devices - the heart of a customer’s control experience with PRO Control is garnered around their adaptive control processors. The range has two 'dedicated' control processors in the form of the ProLink.z (for use with Pro24.z remote, iPro.8 remote & ProPanel App) for 2-Way control projects, and the ProLink.r (for use with Pro24.r remote & ProPanel App) for 1-Way control projects.

Both control processors when utilised within smarthome projects - will give you the control, flexibility and reliability you require for any customers requirements.

PRO Control
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PRO Control - ProLink.r +

Advanced central processor with 433MHz...

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