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Infrared (TX/RX) Blaster Cable Pack (P8-IRPACK)

Infrared Receiver & Emiiter (TX/RX) Pack (P8-IRPACK)

The Pulse-Eight P8-IRPACK enables you to extend IR over HDBaseT using their range of extender kits.

This pack is usually supplied with extender kits (Lite, Pro & Ultra kits), but is now also required to be purchased alongside some matrix kits (the matrix kits have 1 x set included) for complete IR routing on additonal zones/outputs.

The kit includes 1 x receiver, and 1 x emitter for control of devices.

Please note that this product is designed to be used with Pulse-Eight products. Please contact us to find out if this product will be compatible with a 3rd party product before purchasing.

Pulse-Eight: P8-IR-PACK - Features & Benefits:

  • Enables Infra-red control (point to point) from screens/sinks to source equipment.
  • Can be used with Pulse-Eight extender sets (Lite, Pro & Ultra kits).
  • Can be used with Pulse-Eight matrix kits.

Pulse-Eight: P8-IR-PACK - Resources & Downloads:

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