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Neo HDMI & HDBaseT Matrixes

The neo range of matrixes is an exemplary blend of simplicity and sophistication, and the range can be loosely divided between their brilliant value 'Basic' and 'Professional' neo series 4x4 matrixes, and their more robust and flexible modular matrix range.

The word 'basic' is thoroughly unfair in many respects as the 'basic' range supports ultra HD 4K video transmission (up to 340Mhz), with as you would expect also 1080p and full 3D support. Also - these basic solutions also offer bi-directional IR control, a responsive purpose built web interface (be it on mobile, tablet or desktop PC and in any browser) and automatic EDID management also. The only concession to 'basic' might be that the basic range includes the neo:Lite 70m HDBaseT Class B PoH receivers, which in the grand scheme of things is not essentially rudimentary. The 'Professional' 4x4 builds on these more than sturdy foundations and offers further enhancement with adaptable additional connectivity, plus they also boast Pulse Eight's extraordinary expertise with advanced 'HDMI-CEC Bi-Directional Control' as well.

Following on from this level of excellence, Pulse-Eight's advanced modular matrix solutions offer higher levels of flexibility and connectivity. The neo modular series support both 'Class A' HDBaseT technology and 'Class B' HDBaseT technology ('Pro' and 'Lite' systems) for larger or  more advanced projects that demand a higher degree of customization. The new range of neo modular matrixes are available as complete kits in 6x6 and 8x8 variants, although customised options can be fitted into the modular chassis (contact us directly for full details).

The Pro series support 100m transmissions of 1080p@60Hz, Ultra HD 4K (HDR) up to 70m, HD audio, Power over HDBaseT (PoH) remote power from transmitter to receiver, bidirectional control via IR or RS232 and of course Ethernet connectivity for smart devices - all along a single Cat5e/6 cable. The Lite series support 70m transmissions of 1080p@60Hz, Ultra HD 4K (HDR) up to 40m, HD audio, Power over HDBaseT (PoH) remote power from transmitter to receiver, and bidirectional control via IR. The modular range also benefits from Pulse-Eight's technological know-how with CEC support, remote monitoring, web control and also extensive control system support.

So, if you've been looking for the best connectivity, distribution and control solutions for projects - for both the real world and the brave new ultra HD digital world - then one word is all you need when thinking about your next matrix installation...and that world is - neo.

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Neo Matrixes

Pulse-Eight - neo:6a (P8-HDBT-L-FFMN68A-KIT)

Pulse-Eight neo:6a HD/4K/HDCP2.2 - 6x8...

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Pulse-Eight neo:8a - 4K/UHD Video Matrix Kit (P8-HDBT-L-FFMN810A-KIT)

neo8a Professional: Ultra HD/4K/HDCP2.2...

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