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Tactile Transducers (Bass Shakers)

When you want more than just a subwoofer to move your organs and shake your senses, you have to go to the next level.

Earthquake Sound have taken this challenge up with thier fantastic range of tactile transducers. Or in other words…Bass Shakers!

Not only satisfied with designing class leading subwoofers to move those low frequencies, they have in their tactile transducer range now deployed the ability to shake, rattle and roll you into sheer enjoyment.

Ideal for a host of home cinema purposes, gaming and even sport or military simulation scenarios - their bass shaking range of transducers will move you... quite literally!


Earthquake Sound
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Tactile Transducers

Earthquake Sound - MQB-1 300W Mini Tactile Transducer

Tactile 'Bass Shaker' Mini 300w...

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Earthquake Sound - PB-1 Torque Amplification Bracket

Quake Q10B Torque Amplification Bracket...

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Earthquake Sound - Q10B 1000W Tactile Transducer

Tactile 'Bass Shaker' 1000w Transducer...

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