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CP Series Subwoofers

Space is sometimes at a premium. Especially when it comes to that 'elephant' in the room the subwoofer. But what do you do when certain stealthy custom installation options are off the menu due to cost or even the ability to retrofit them into your home cinema project?

Well, call on the CP8 'Couch Potato' to help you!

It doesn't come in a cape or wear underpants over it's tights, but it is a subwoofer super hero that will get you out of a tight spot (or into one if you get our drift...?) and get help get that all important bass response into your project. Surely one of the best options out there for a range of covert bass installations the Couch Potato can be found under a bed, under a sofa, a piece of furniture or a cabinet.

Designed and engineered by the chaps at Earthquake for one thing give you the best bass dynamic depsite all the above limitations. Oh and yes - it's a very cost effective get out of jail card as well!

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CP Series Subwoofers

Earthquake Sound CP-8 Subwoofer

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