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Connected Distribution: Free Standing Loudspeakers (& Satellites)

Floor standing or free standing speakers form an integral part in many projects. Whether these be for 'critical' listening rooms in distributed audio applications, high end home cinemas or for more indulgent high quality stereo systems - the requirement for dedicated free standing speakers is still highly prevalent.

Not every customer will want to go down the 'hidden speaker' routes for their enjoyment...some will want performance driven or stylish speaker options to adorn their key audio zones or cinema's.

Our range of products cater for both the dedicated two channel and multi-channel domains. From high powered and dedicated home cinema free standing speakers, high quality full range stereo speakers - and through to to stylish and beautifully conceived satellites at home in both the cinema or high end stereo systems.

These diverse options mean that you have many superior speaker selections to choose from, catering for different budgets, performance levels, applications and obviously tastes.
Atlantic Technology
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Free Standing Loudspeakers

Atlantic Technology 8600e C Front Channel Centre Speaker

Flagship Centre Front Channel Speaker

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Atlantic Technology 8600e LR Front Channel Speaker

Flagship Floorstanding Front Channel...

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Atlantic Technology AT-3 with H-PAS Technology

H-PAS™ Floor Standing Speaker

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