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Connected Distribution: Headphone Amplifiers

The rise of headphones and the solitary pleasures of listening to music in your 'cans' has been a success story of late in the audio world. Obviously there are many solutions available from many brands, and we have several products from our suppliers that cater for this upsurge in audio pleasure. Indeed, many products now such as integrated amplifiers etc. (even 'budget' ones) have headphone amplifiers and connectivity embedded, but this trend like other elements in the audio world breeds dedicated followers who want products that embellish this private enjoyment a little further too.
Arguably it is a trend that caters for the Hi-Fi fraternity primarily, and to this extent we have several higher quality options from our portfolio that include seriously indulgent 'old school' Class A amplification, and also products that cater for the provision of inter-connectivity of the digital source with high quality DAC's too.
So whether you have projects and clients after discrete and high quality addition's to complimentary audio systems, or have customers that solely want a single high quality audiophile headphone amplifier - then we should have it covered.
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Headphone Amplifiers

Parasound Zdac v.2 Digital to Analogue Converter

Parasound Z-Series Digital to Analogue...

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Parasound Zpre3 Two Channel Preamplifier

Parasound Z-Series Two Channel...

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