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Connected Distribution: Impedance Matching Controls (Audio Distribution)

The heart of this range of solutions is furnished by our long time partner in audio distribution - Russound.

Building on their very early foundations, Russound's speaker selectors, impedance matching devices and distribution systems are probably some of the best out there. Russound uses only the finest components in their speaker selectors to ensure the greatest amount of protection, impeccable audio quality and long term reliability for your amplifiers on your installations for many, many years.

You may have residential or more commonly, semi-commercial projects that require one amplifier reliably distributed to many rooms - with simple control only required, or a conundrum in a project to allow many speakers to run in one or two zones. Here is where the importance of high quality and reliable impedance matching products come into play!

Often neglected and sometimes woefully misunderstood, these 'un-glamorous' products can underpin the most basic...or even advanced project. They often can be the missing link between success or failure.

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Impedance Matching Controls