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Connected Distribution: Digital to Analogue Convertors (DACS)

Perhaps the most ubiquitous component in the AV world is the digital to analogue convertor. We live in a digital world in terms of every audio (and video) format or source content, but we are analogue beings paradoxically!

As such, the need for conversion these days in prevalent across the spectrum of the audio and custom installation industry is paramount. Most amplifiers, pre-amplifiers or streaming amplifiers from most manufacturers tend to house DAC's internally, but depending on the price-point or application - some products do require an external DAC to enable digital format conversion.

DACS or 'digital to analogue' convertors can take many forms. These range from small easy to hide format convertors for integrating optical, coaxial or HDMI audio digital sources into analogue audio distribution systems or multi-room applications, and also to span naturally to higher end audiophile digital to analogue separates for dedicated Hi-Fi systems.

At Connected Distribution we have a diverse range available, from small custom installation based solutions - right through to high resolution DAC's for dedicated higher end stereo applications too.

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Digital to Analogue Convertors

Parasound Zdac v.2 Digital to Analogue Converter

Parasound Z-Series Digital to Analogue...

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Parasound ZM 4 DAX Four Zone 192kHz/24bit DAC & Crossover

Four Zone 192kHz/24bit DAC and Crossover

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